24 of the Most Delicious Desserts From All Around the World


Every country has it’s own delicacies. They’re usually sweet and sometimes savory but they’re always fantastic. There are some people who picked up on this little secret early on and spend their time traveling the world (or at least the various ethnic restaurants in their neighborhood) looking for exactly what makes them happy. We’ve collected a series of all of our own personal favorites from around the world. You could call it a desert bucket list. Check it out:

France – Creme Brulee 

This rich cup of goodness is a perfect combo of crispy and smooth. Crack the top with your spoon and get in there. 

Indonesia – Dadar Gulung

Literally translated to “rolled pancake” this green treat is stuffed with coconut and it’s nothing short of divine.  

The USA: Apple Pie

There’s a reason it’s our national food – it’s just delicious. Get one with a non-sweet crust and sour apples seasoned perfectly with cinnamon for a great breakfast treat.  

Turkey: Baklava 

Light and flakey on the outside, stuffed to the brim with chopped pistachios, the flavor here will take you on a ride.  

Italy: Gelato

No, it’s not just ice cream. One bite of this sweetness will ensure that you never go back to the old standard stuff.  

Peru: Picarones

Essentially a South American take on the donut, they’re made with a little anise giving them a flavor you’ve never imagined. 

Russia: Syrniki

These little pancakes are made out of quark – something like sour cream. After a quick trip in a well oiled pan, they’re just right and served with applesauce, jelly or honey.  

Spain: Tarta de Santiago

Literally translated as “the cake of Saint James”, this almond treat is of Galician origin and there’s a reason it’s lasted this long.  

Japan: Mochi

This little bubble of goodness is made out of rice that’s been pounded into a delicious paste. It’s a traditional treat eaten on the Japanese new year.  

Argentina: Pastelitos

These flakey pastries are made with quince or sweet potato and then dropped in boiling oil and finished off with a little powdered sugar. Yum.  

England: Banoffee Pie

What do you get when you mix bananas, toffee, cream and coffee? This little slice of heaven.  

Brazil: Brigadeiros

Chocolate, condensed milk and butter are mixed together to make this sweetness, served either as a cake or as a ball covered in sprinkles.  

China: Dragon Beard

Sugar cane and maltose are mixed to make this piece of yummy artwork which is flavored with peanuts, sesame and coconut.  

Belgium: Belgian Waffle

This street food is perfect when served warm with a scoop of ice cream and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  

India: Gulab Jamun 

The donut holes are dipped in sugary syrup and deep fried in ghee. 

Austria: Sachertorte

This Austrian classic was invented in 1832 and has been wildly popular ever since. Rich but not too sweet, the recipe is known only by the confectioners at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna. 

Australia: Lamingtons

These delicate little squares are yellow sponge cake dipped in molten chocolate and coated in coconut. 

Germany: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte  

Also known as the Black Forest cherry cake, it’s got everything a cake needs – cream chocolate, cherries and brandy. Spot on.  

Canada: Nanaimo Bars

This one is especially delicious because it requires no baking at all. The wafer crust is layered with smooth custard and melted chocolate. None of the fuss, all of the fun. 

Sweden: Prinsesstårta

The princess cake is a layer cake topped with marzipan and loaded with pastry cream. Did we mention that it’s beautiful? 

Via: Insider

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