20 Creative Ways To Serve Your Kids Food That Will Make Them Lick Their Plates


Are you sick and tired of slaving over dinner only to have each kid throw a tantrum when they see what’s on their plate? One won’t eat anything green, the other can’t have crusts on their bread and the third will only eat junk food. So what does it take to satisfy everyone at the table? Sometimes it’s not about the ingredients or even the taste. Sometimes, it’s about the presentation. Meet Samantha Lee. The self-proclaimed food artist makes some seriously gorgeous meals that any kid would jump at the chance to eat.

In order to give you a little culinary inspiration, and maybe even instructions so you can do this yourself, we’ve collected some of Lee’s most stunning canvases…or…um…plates. The Malaysian mom knows what it takes to make her kids eat their veggies and she’s not afraid to put in the work and get it done.

Her artwork is so incredible, she’s got more than 700 thousand Instagram followers who check in to see what she’s come up with every morning. Here are 20 of our favorites but we highly recommend you check out the rest of her stuff on her Instagram. Enjoy!